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If you want to read my stuff, just comment on this post (I might take awhile, but I try to go through at least once a week).

Thanks for the overwhelming support, guys! Without you, my life would be filled with sadness.

(Also! If it's been, like, a month and I still haven't added you, please let me know! I can be shockingly forgetful...)

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No, seriously, I love art :|
Astro opened up commissions again, so I got the rest of the NtL guys :D


My art dragon is showing
So...I've discovered the joys of commissioning. I just about died when Astro opened commissions. (If you haven't encountered her before, check out her amazing comic, 5th and Main!)

Because I am entirely unoriginal, I got half the NtL crew :D


This makes me happy in ways I don't even understand.

TSP Special: Psychopomp (A Halloween Anthology)
Another Hallowe'en, another anth :3

Originally posted by r_a_parker at TSP Special: Psychopomp (A Halloween Anthology)

Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.

Last year, T.Spoon brought thrills and chills with 'MINE', a Halloween anthology. This year, the author of such classics as 'Present' and 'Wanderlust' brings to you more tales of blood and revenge from beyond the grave. Inside these covers lie vengeful ghosts, a death goddess, an alien with a taste for the exotic, secret rooms, and many more.

As always, thank you to all the authors that participated (Cat, Jaolynn, Ritaxis, Wanda, RDHero, Ani, and Voidmancer). And to the artists (Eggage, G, Rae, Dak, and San). Without you guys there'd be no anthology.

Our editors were Ani, Potatoe, G, Z, and Cat. Thank you for your last minute edits. I can't believe you guys managed to have real life and help out so much. And finally, thanks to Parker for arranging and organizing it into a readable format. With an awesome cover to boot too.

Warnings: Lots of violence in this one and a bit of gore... well, in some cases a lot of it. Dubcon warnings abound.
Rating: Mature to Ultra Mature


TSP Winter Special: Presents (A Winter Anthology)
Originally posted by zeffy_amethyst at TSP Winter Special: Presents (A Winter Anthology)

Downloading: click on the picture, which will take you to a new page. At the top, right corner of the is a "Download original" button. please, please, please download it as it's ugly as all hell on the google documents.


Author/Artist T. Spoon, that guy with the multiple personalities and dashing good looks, is pleased to bring you Presents, a collection of short stories and art with a cold, frosty twist. Whether you're looking for a new take on The Nutcracker, a story about the monster that lives in your toilet (better than it sounds, we promise), or a bit of wintery romance (the snark is optional), you'll get all of that and more between these pages.


In all seriousness, T. Spoon is made up of many talented authors and artists, and this anthology would not have been possible without them. So a great big thank you to Aeiouna, Ais, Ania, Cattails, Dusty_Dreams, G, ManicDak, Parker, Rae, and San.

Special thanks to Ania, G, Potatoe and Parker. Ania, G and Potatoe for whipping the incoherency out of the stories, and pruning away em dashes and semi-colons like a boss. And Parker for both her incredible patience (deadlines are more like suggestions to authors), and all the work she put into formatting this monstrosity.

Finally, this anthology is dedicated to the one and only tanrien . Thank you for all the work you do, for answering our questions with a smile (and at 2am too) and for your composure in the face of our tagging fails.

Warnings: fluff that'll rot your teeth, some language, violence, snark
Rating: From Everyone all the way to Mature
Length: ~49k overall (49,108 to be precise)

Waiting Bios
For those who are curious about the characters! ...also so I actually have somewhere to put these.

All art is thanks to raeraesama  <3
Bios~Collapse )

MINE (A Hallowe'en Anthology)
So for the past couple weeks, a few of us at the_slash_pile 's chat have been working on sexy Hallowe'en anthology, with stories and art. Yay, Hallowe'en!

('d be a good idea to read the warnings for mine >.> heh...)

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Alright, kiddos, I'm off on vacation! will hear nothing from me until I return on the 7th (unless I somehow find internet access).


I made a pie! It's lemon meringue :3


Pulling Through Cover
Aaaaand it continues.

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